Welcome to Tabula Stellarum!

If you are here, then it probably means that you are an explorer; that you have an adventurous streak that can only be satisfied by picking a star to navigate by, and heading off into the depths of space.

That is also why we are here.

Tabula Stellarum exists to foster the exploration of known and unknown space in the Star Citizen setting. Our driving purpose within the United Empire of Earth is to map every celestial body, analyze every spec of dust, and quantify every unknown anomaly.

We are, first and foremost, explorers.

What do we do?

Tabula Stellarum is a lawful/neutral, non-exclusive, activity oriented social guild. This means that we are primarily a place to find other like-minded people to play with; but if you just want to play alone while chatting in-game or just want to hang out in-game, you can do that as well.

Although exploration is the tie that binds us together, Tabula Stellarum is also a brotherhood and we encourage members to openly engage in trade, provide escorts for each other, fulfill bounty contracts against those who would exploit us, and answer the call to arms when one of our own is in need.

Statement of Neutrality

As an organized entity, Tabula Stellarum will not interfere with or participate in the activities of non-neutral squadrons or organizations, except to maintain and protect the interests of our members. Tabula Stellarum will initially maintain a neutral, non-aggressive posture towards all other organizations and individuals.

This is not to say that our individual members are banned from interacting with or participating in other squadrons’ activities – on the contrary, they are encouraged to do so. Our statement of neutrality applies only to Tabula Stellarum as a whole.

Meet the Organizers!

Tabula Stellarum is fairly relaxed organization. We have little in the way of a rank structure. This may change over time, once the game is released, if it needs to. For now, “officers” do not have specific roles, but we are here to assist you if need be. Feel free to contact us here, in the Star Citizen Forums, or in Star Citizen Live Chat.

Pooka, Founder – All things guild related
Signo Vir, Founder – All things website and technical

The Rules…

Look, we’re all adults, and I’m not a babysitter. The rules of the guild are simple. In-game, we’re a lawful / neutral organization. We expect that our members will mostly be on the right side of the law, but we do not strictly require it.

If you happen to cross the line occasionally, we probably won’t notice. If we do notice, we’ll probably look the other way… until you start drawing attention to us. Draw the wrong type of attention, and we’ll look the other way when someone comes to teach you a lesson. Put us in someone’s cross-hairs, and we might teach you that lesson ourselves.

That general principal applies to our forums as well. As a rule of thumb, if you are polite and courteous, you won’t have an issue. If you occasionally upset someone, we probably won’t care. If you start pissing people off on purpose we might ask you to leave.

I don’t want a whole bunch of rules, and neither do you I’m sure. As long as the system works, we’re going to keep it.

Exceptions That Prove The Rule

Because we are a mostly lawful organization that tries to maintain a neutral stance towards other organizations, there are two activities that we strongly prefer our members do not participate in. In fact, you could say these are the only two hard rules we have.

1.) No Smuggling Sentients
This does not mean you cannot smuggle. Nor does it mean you cannot trade in sentient life. In fact, you can smuggle anything you want, other than sentients. You can also trade freely in sentient life where it is legal. Do not, however, trade in sentient life where it is illegal, or transport sentient life through territory where doing so is illegal.

2.) No Unprovoked Piracy
None. This is not to be confused with privateering, which is legal piracy against the enemies of the state. Any state sanctioned piracy (privateering) is perfectly acceptable, and if anyone tries to pirate you and you win, then to the victor goes the spoils. But do not attack friendly or neutral parties for the sole purpose of disabling or killing them to steal their ships, upgrades, cargo, etc.

How do I join?

Joining Tabula Stellarum is simple. Since we are a social guild, there is no rigorous vetting process or multi-page application. You do not have to know someone, or bribe your way in (although, I am particularly fond of chocolate chip cookies if you are so inclined).

All you have to do is create an account on the site. Visitors are welcome as well, and registering does not by any means force you into a commitment to fly with us. As we approach the Alpha, we will sort out who the active members are and flesh out the member-only features, but if you don’t join the site, we won’t have any way to know you are interested.